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This fall, step into the dark mind of Edgar Allan Poe, as The Raven invites you to investigate a haunted early-19th century mansion using only Bose augmented reality audio glasses and carrying an enchanted Internet of Things lantern. This groundbreaking experience will have a world premiere at the prestigious New York Film Festival before launching a month-long, limited run.

Drawing from over fifty short stories, poems and historical letters, The Raven crafts an immersive tale of mystery and suspense.

Join us to discover Poe’s literary genius, childhood secrets, tortured soul and descent into madness as Poe’s spirit guides you through time and place to reveal the truth behind his mysterious disappearance and untimely death.

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Content Advisory: Themes of addiction and death. Includes dark spaces and audience interaction. Recommended for 17+.

What can I expect? Strobe lighting effects are utilized in this performance. There will be brief moments of blackout. And you will be asked to navigate a landmark staircase. We ask that you be cautious throughout your experience.

What will I be asked to carry during the show? Each audience member will carry a handheld lantern that will serve as your light source and guide you through the show. You will need to carry it for the duration of the play. Each participant will also wear BoseAR Frames, sunglasses that transmit audio directly into the user’s ears. These light frames fit directly onto the face and we highly recommend that participants go through the experience without prescription glasses. If you can wear contacts, that is preferred. If you must wear glasses, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What do I need to bring? Audience members should expect to be standing and walking throughout the experience. Comfortable shoes should be worn as the show requires guests to climb flights of stairs. Per above, guests will be given BoseAR sunglasses to wear and a small lantern to carry throughout the duration of the play. We will supply all tech — you cannot wear your own BoseAR — and use of mobile devices during the show will be prohibited.

Can I check my bag and coat? For your safety, we have a mandatory coat and bag check.   We cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items. Please plan accordingly.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? We are located on Museum Mile in Manhattan, across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All usual NYC transportation works. 

Where is the show? Check-in at the American Irish Historical Society, 991 Fifth Avenue, NYC, 10028. On the SE corner of 80th St and 5th. An usher will be there to greet you and guide you to the onboarding area.

Is there contact?  Contact during this immersive play is light to moderate. 

What time should I arrive? We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your listed ticketing time in order to accommodate the check in process. The experience will begin promptly at your elected ticketing time so please be on time.

What if I’m late?  The Raven requires all attendees be present in order to begin; late arrivals cannot be accommodated.  For this reason, we strongly encourage all attendees to arrive within 15 minutes prior to their listed ticket time.

Is the space accessible? The venue is a landmark 19th century mansion and is not wheelchair accessible. If there are concerns about mobility, please contact the show directly at

More Info: If you have any questions or need more information, please  contact